Vision and Motto


SIAM International school is an exemplary 21st Century school for learning, focused in the community whose graduates are being prepared to excel in a complex, interconnected world, and moving forward in an ever changing environment.


To activate the creative side of children at young age and enable students to build and become the building blocks of our future.

Relationship with Parents

We are here to ensure your children will get the best education in a very friendly atmosphere, we aim to provide simple solution to the requirements of parents. All parents aspire for their children to get the best education, our goal is to provide your children the best education. Our focus is on development of personality, character and providing knowledge about the necessary fundamentals of life. STEAM is a well-known and proven method and we are glad to announce that we will provide same level of education to your children. STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

We believe critical thinking is turning point of any child’s future, if a child is given freedom to think critically he or she can explore the ideas that surround him and we will enable them to make right choices through Moral education which is additional part of our program.

In the age we live now, it is becoming increasingly harder for parents to keep children in check from the very early age, due to influences that surround them, via internet and other sources which are not healthy for children i.e. Television, Youtube etc. We would also encourage and give tips to parents how to keep children in check at home as many parents struggle due to increasing work pressure in their lives and lack of time. We are open to work cooperatively with parents to educate and get positive results.

English is the global language and spoken in every part of the world hence necessary for all children and people who aspire to travel around the world for new experiences and Siam international School ensures that all the students will be able to fluently speak English at very early age.