Dr. Teresita Zarate
Head of School
Ed.D in education management
M.A in School Supervision and Administration
B.A. in Education
My name is Dr. Teresita Zarate.
It is a privilege to be the new school head of SIS.
I have served the people in Thailand as an educator for 20 years now.
Over the years, I was a teacher and an administrator in four international schools and in 2 Thai schools.
As an educator, I worked as a head teacher, an accreditation officer, a curriculum developer, an office manager, a mentor and coach for teachers.
I am very familiar with Thai culture and I understand the educational needs of diverse children both in international and Thai schools.
Siam International School is a developing institution that aims to provide the best curriculum and instruction that would prepare the learners and be ready to be successful at any future school. The student number per class is small so this would allow the teachers to attend to individual students. We strive to nurture the children with knowledge, skills and values they need to face the daily challenges of life.
Miss Pensiri Sriraprom
Administrative Officer
Miss Narisara Singhasiri
School Administrators/Office Manager
Miss Suttinee Butkhum
School Finance and HR Manager
Mr.David Brown
Homeroom Teacher
Ms. Klangporn Khamkam
Thai Teacher
Mr.Pongsak Krongmarerng
School Security
Mrs.Auraiwam Uthaiwan
School Cook
Mr.Prasit Uthaiwan
School Gardener
Mr.Amporn Looksee
School Cleaner