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( Happy Children + Dedicated Teachers )  x  Great Environment  =  Success All Round

Welcome To Siam International School

The Siam International School is about to embark on a new and exciting phase in its life. Together, the students, staff and parents will be maximising every aspect of their learning.

Life-centred learning for keeps

Learning with understanding throughout...


Basketball Robot Sensor

We are aiming high

We have a maker culture where students from kindergarten right through to grade 12 will experiment... will see how things are done... will work together as teams, aiming high for goals. They will learn to study independently and together, through the library, the internet... guided by example, with confidence.

All in our wonderful facilities.

Join us, learn with us!

We are looking up to the future at Siam International School!

STEAM Driven!

Today's world demands competance and flexibility in several disciplines and environments at once. No longer is each area of work isolated on its own.

We prepare our students to enjoy a mixture of challenges, from technical to artistic; from tangible to imagined... all linked by reason and logic

Parents, too!

Children learn from all directions. We invite parents to get involved so that love within the family helps further the love for learning.