Reception Class

Children expand upon their knowledge of shapes, color, and color mixing and learn new ways to put shapes together. They experiment with paint, watercolors, cray pas, markers, clay, paper, wood, glue, and collaging materials. They learn about texture, size, balance, two- and three-dimensionality, parts of the body and face, negative space, moving images, and placing objects within a landscape or pattern. Fine motor skills are honed in each class. Large group projects, such as murals, teach sharing and collaboration. Children also learn to make choices, contribute ideas, and follow directions. The children work on fun, colorful art projects that they can enjoy and often play with for years to come.
Siam international School’s curriculum is based on the Californian curriculum provided by the State of California, which is both rigorous, respected and recognized around the world. This means that any child attending our school will not only benefit from a rich and vibrant curriculum, but also parents will have peace of mind that their child can easily transition into any American or international school. This includes having their studies recognized by the most reputable universities. The curriculum is adapted to allow a more international perspective and include studies of the local language and heritage.
A day in Reception Class
Soft start, an opportunity for students to explore the learning areas inside their classroom and the adjoining gardens, as well as a chance for parents to speak to the class teachers.
Registration, where the day begins with some time together to look forward to the activities of the day.
Learning time which is either child-initiated or led by the class teacher and assistant teacher, with specialist teaching in music,
Continued learning time with class teachers or specialist teachers.
Hometime, where parents have the chance to talk to their class teachers and children can have a snack before any extra-curricular activities.
Optional extra-curricular activities run by specialist teachers.