Loy Krathong Day
Mar 01st 2021

On Friday, November 20 Siam International School organizes Loy Krathong Day activities. Loy Kratong tradition is one of the important traditions of Thai people that have been passed down for a long time. It is believed that Loi Krathong is worship and ask for forgiveness from Phra Mae Ganga. It is also a pseudoscience. float away with the krathongs

Creative Loy Krathong

that day students The teachers and staff of the school dressed in Thai costumes. After all students have finished floating their krathongs in the swimming pool Students also participated in fun activities organized by the school and their parents, such as playing "Sai Dao". playing blindfolded hitting the pot In addition, parents of kindergarten students also help to bring food, snacks, Thai desserts and beverages for the students to choose to eat at their leisure during the activity as well.